We’re here to make you feel at home in Potsdam!

Whenever you relocate to a new country everything seems foreign at first: the language, the surroundings and, above all, the culture. At the Potsdam International Community Center we provide a central point of contact for you, your fellow travellers, and your employer. We’ll help you to find your feet and settle down in your new country.

We’ll support you in everything you need to do, like finding a place to live, dealing with the authorities and getting your kids into school. At the same time you can spend time and discuss things with the national and international members of our community or with Potsdam natives. That way you’ll quickly establish a network of contacts and find it easier to integrate into your new environment. For women and families there’s support available and a wide variety of things to do at our International Women's Group.

Feel free to contact us with any questions by email or telephone. We look forward to meeting you!


Finding somewhere to live

We can help if you’re looking for an apartment or a room.


Mothers & Babies

The International “Krabbelgruppe” welcomes new mothers and their babies.


Loans desk

We have a drill, various tools and other useful things you can borrow.


Health insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement in Germany. We can be of assistance.


Opening a bank account

Having a German bank account will simplify your stay here.


Book Swap

Our Book Swap is stocked with books that visiting scientists have left behind after their stay here. Why not have a look around?


International Women’s Group

The International Women’s Group welcomes all women and their families newly arrived in Potsdam.